Chairman’s message

The SNTL Group, an actor on the regional and national scale founded in 1937, is today a reference integrator of logistics ecosystems serving the competitiveness and efficiency of the regions. Our businesses are organized around five areas: Supply Chain, Logistics Infrastructure & Urban Mobility, Fleet Management, Insurance & Risk, and finally Innovation and Technology.

Nationally, The SNTL Group acts as an accelerator of operational success of the national logistics strategy through the development of logistics infrastructures and the elaboration of urban logistics solutions supporting the transformation of cities. The year 2016 will know a positioning in this direction with the initiation of the logistics area of Ain Dalia, those of Moulay Rachid, and Southern regions with a model open to private investors. Also, the group has established itself as the undisputed leader in the field of supply chain, providing key solutions with a market-oriented and excellence-oriented vision; Retail, Automotive, Aerospace, Textile-Apparel, High Tech, Mining, etc. Moreover, The SNTL group began the professionalization of the activity of Fleet Management by positioning itself as a key player in the creation and development of ecosystems governing the life cycle of rolling stock.

On the international level, the SNTL group takes advantage of its expertise to launch a major new challenge to expand its outreach circle worldwide. The group contributes to making Morocco a logistics hub by operating the management of multinationals’ global flows and consolidating a network of customers and partners, and through partnerships with:

- Europe and countries of the Mediterranean rim to consolidate the historic cooperation and good neighbourhood policy;

- China to boost the growth of Morocco by draining Chinese investments in our region given its strategic position at the crossroads of intercontinental global flows;

- West Africa to strengthen the South-South partnership and ensure self-development of the region.

Ultimately, on the internal level, we support the development and vitality of our human capital. The centre of innovation and excellence “Tamayuz Supply Chain” was established in the spirit to capitalize on the expertise of women and men of the SNTL group

This initiative's main objective is to put the group's employees and its ecosystem in a dynamic of continuous improvement, professional certification and technological innovation.

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Mohamed BEN OUDA - CEO SNTL Group


SNTL, Gate to new ecosystems


Limited company founded on January 1st, 2007 under Law 25-02, replacing the NTO (National Transport Office), The SNTL is the national leader in transportation and logistics.

Leading provider of national and international charter services for over 70 years, the National Company of Transportation and Logistics offers a range of additional benefits in supply chain management meeting the highest standards of safety, quality and proximity.