HR Policy

The SNTL places the development of its human capital at the heart of its concerns. Indeed, the Human Resources Management & Corporate Social Responsibility pays particular attention to each of its employees, guaranteeing a career path in the best conditions.
Our HR policy aims at:
- Retaining our employees,
- Attracting talent,
- Developing the employability of our collaborators,
- Ensuring fair and competitive remuneration,
- Establishing management by objectives at the service of performance,
- Encouraging and rewarding initiative,
Reasons to work with the SNTL Group:
- SNTL Group, leader of an emerging sector,
- SNTL Group encompasses diversified strategic activities that allow evolution nationally and internationally,
- As a responsible player, the priority of the SNTL is the well being at work and the development of employees.


To ensure its growth and consolidate its positioning, The SNTL Group aims to attract the best talents and retain them by offering a motivating environment.
The recruitment process consists of several stages formalized and customized depending on the position to be filled, to ensure the best match between the position and the profile of the candidates.
To ensure equal opportunity among candidates, the recruitment policy is based on the principles of transparency and fairness.
Candidates are assessed based on their technical, managerial and behavioural skills.

Training & carrer plans

For the purpose of skills development, the Group is developing wide-ranging training plans specific to all of its employees in order to:

- Build the skills needed for each job in order to increase our business,
- Share best practices and develop knowledge management,
- Develop a culture of leadership and managerial skills,
- Succession planning.