The logistics centre of Mohammedia offers various storage spaces according to the nature of the activity of its customers:
-Dry warehouses with pallets for storage of food and other products, at room temperature.
-Cold storage pallets or bulk of fresh, frozen and deep-frozen goods.
- Cool and dry storage area for containers.
- Bonded warehouse for the storage of pending import/export products


The multi-stream logistics centre of Mohammedia-Zenata holds an exceptional location close to main lines of road transport and within the largest logistics area of Morocco:
- 1 minute away from the Highway (A3) from Casablanca to Rabat, Tangier and Oujda.
- 2 minutes away from the Highway (A5) linking Casablanca to the cities of Marrakech, Agadir, El Jadida and Mohammed v International Airport.
- 20 minutes away from the Port of Casablanca.


-Free height of 10 m.
-Cell of 6000 m2 (double or single-sided).
-Platform height: 1.2 m.
-Sizing for a passage of 300 heavy weights /day.
- A 32 m bending area.
-Resistance of 5 T/m2 uniformly distributed.
-Resistance of 6,5T at the foot of racks.
-Finishing of the pavement not quartz hardener.
-Autodocks (1 for 1000 m2).
-Access ramp (1 per cell).
-The design and construction comply with the French regulations 1510.


-Video monitoring device.
-Anti-intrusion alarm.
-Fire safety (according to the 1510 regulation):
-2 hour firewalls.
-2 h Fire door.
-Fire poles.
-Emergency team.
-Systematic access control.
-Open 24/24 and 7/7.