The SNTL Group displayed good financial health with international standards

Publié le 28 Juin 2016

The General Meeting of the SNTL Group, Limited Company of private law to public capital took place on June 28th, 2016 in Rabat, under the chairmanship of Mr. Aziz Rabbah, Minister of Equipment, Transport and Logistics. To this end, the company presented its financial results of the fiscal year 2015.

The Group generated a consolidated net profit of 38 million dirhams in 2015 against -15.23 million dirhams in 2014, a growth of 350%. This significant growth was driven by the sectorial positioning of the Group in global business, international transport to Europe, the growth of transport operations to Africa and the diversification of logistics supply. Therefore, The SNTL Group recorded a consolidated turnover of 891.88 million dirhams in 2015 against 769.20 million dirhams in 2014, representing an growth of 15.95%.

As part of this strong growth momentum, the historical activities of the Group, including transportation, have increased resulting in a growth in the net income ratio by 6.11% concerning the turnover in 2015, in comparison with 2014. Also, the latter achieved an excellent performance in line with international standards of the industry.

Furthermore, the cash of the company reached 461.48 million dirhams in 2015 against 381.74 million dirhams in 2014, an increase of 20%. This significant improvement confirms the ability of the SNTL Group to manage its finances and the effectiveness of its invoicing and collection policy.