The SNTL Group is committed to sustainable development

Publié le 22 Juil 2016

The SNTL Group, reference integrator of logistics ecosystems for almost 80 years, is now positioned as a key player for sustainable development through the implementation of major projects able to meet environmental challenges.

Indeed, the Group has achieved its carbon footprint, in line with the commitments of the “”Qualit’Air agreement of the Mohammed VI Foundation for environmental protection signed with the CGEM, demonstrating the effectiveness of its environmental strategy and speed of execution.

The company also launched its Global Green Supply Chain Ecosystem program, revolving around Carbon Report offers, Green optimization, Carbon Neutral Solutions and Environmental Solutions, revolutionizing supply chains.

In order to operationalize its strategic vision of sustainable development, the Group has defined a set of actions to be undertaken as part of numerous partnerships.

In this perspective, Mr Mohamed Ben Ouda, CEO of the SNTL Group, signed on July 18th 2016 in Tangier, during the opening ceremony of the Climate MEDCOP, three conventions on sustainable development.

Renewable Energy

The first agreement was signed between the SNTL and the GEF transport project, “Integrating climate change into the national strategy of logistics competitiveness development and implementation of logistics platforms”, initiated by the Ministry of Equipment, Transportation and Logistics (METL) in partnership with the UNDP and the financial support of the Global Environment Facility (GEF).

This agreement relates to the acquisition and installation of photovoltaic solar panels of 1.5 MW on the Mohammedia-Zenata cold storage logistics platform of the SNTL Group. The aim is to ensure, through renewable energy, energy independence of the multi-stream logistics platforms and to meet the power needs of electric vehicles that the Group plans to acquire soon.

To this end, the SNTL Group will provide expertise for the realization of a technical and economic feasibility.


The second agreement sealed between the SNTL and the National Agency for the Development of Renewable Energy and Energy Efficiency (ADEREE) concerns the photovoltaic energy integration of 1.5 MW for the power supply of SNTL buildings.

Under this agreement, The SNTL Group will mobilize the human and financial resources necessary for the implementation of the action plan.

Waste recycling

The third agreement, established between the SNTL and Derichebourg Morocco, responsible for the collection of household waste in several Moroccan cities, reflects the shared goal of both parties to implement sustainable management of industrial waste.

Through this agreement, the parties are working to develop logistics solutions for industrial waste management, from collection to recovery, to the benefit of the ecosystem players of the SNTL Group, such as dealers, garage owners and carriers, but also contribute to the upgrading of the national regulatory framework for waste management.

The SNTL Group reaffirms its eco-responsible policy and its unwavering commitment to environmental protection and the fight against climate change.